Thursday, June 9, 2011


Last night, I worried about the upcoming surgery.  A lot.  But this morning was another day, so I have tried to put the majority of worries behind me.  I am left with a lot of questions, though.  Oh, sure, I asked the doctor the usual questions like "How long will the recovery take?" and "When can I drive?"  But the questions that I still don't have answered are the important ones.  With my right arm, my dominant arm, in a sling, I think I'll have some issues.

*How will I do my makeup in the mornings?
*How will I put on a bra?
*How will I wash my hair?
*How will I play with my iPhone?
*How will I type on the computer?

Yes, I know those are all superficial issues, but they're important to me.  So there.  I do have other concerns that are serious, though.

*How will I take care of the kids?  Get them dressed?  Feed them?  Cuddle them?
*How will I sleep?
*Will I be totally squinky when I see what's under the bandage?
*Will I go completely nuts after six weeks in a sling?
*Will the surgery fix the problem?
*Will I become increasingly more neurotic in the next twelve days?

Methinks the answer to that last question is a resounding YES.  Poor Trevor.  I hope he's prepared.

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