Sunday, June 26, 2011

I'm (sort of) back!

Here I am, a little less than a week after surgery.  Some of the days have been a bit hazy, but I'll update you on what I remember.

The alarm clock went off at 5:30 Tuesday morning.  WAAAAAAAY too early.  Actually, I went back to sleep for fifteen minutes, and then I had to rush to get ready to leave.  Trevor's parents arrived at 6:00, and T and I left for Bluegrass Orthopedics.  I didn't have to wait too long once I was there: I was the first surgery of the morning.  I filled out some paperwork, changed into a lovely gown, paper slippers, and a hairnet.  Apparently, I'm a total doofus because I didn't know until I was already nattily dressed for surgery that I would be under general anesthesia.  I knew I would be getting a nerve block, but I thought for sure that my doctor had said I would be awake but out of it during the surgery.  Wrong.  Totally wrong.  Trevor knew the whole time I would have the general anesthetic, and he had been making jokes about it for weeks.  I just thought he was messing with me, as usual, so I ignored him.  So you can imagine that I was a teeny bit stunned when I had to sign a paper acknowledging the risks of the general anesthesia.  Luckily, I didn't have too much time to be nervous.  Soon after signing the paper, they hooked me up to an IV and gave me something to "relax" me.  I remember nothing after that.  Not a thing.  Since then, I have been in a sling and trying to rest my shoulder.  Ha.  Resting.  Funny.  Nicole has been a HUGE help; she has come every morning to play with the kids, so my duties have been confined to the afternoon.  Trevor has really stepped up, too, and I'm grateful.  My shoulder has been feeling better every day.  My follow-up appointment with my doctor is Wednesday morning, and I'm really hoping I get the go-ahead to drive.  I'm feeling a little bit housebound, but I'm also trying to keep in mind that Caroline Ingalls would have never complained about being stuck at home, at least, not out loud.

We had a pretty good weekend chez Wells.  On Saturday, Trevor and Lottie went to swim lessons, and Dallas and I went to the flower stand on the corner.  I wanted to keep him away from the pool and get myself out of the house.  Score!  We got some new hanging baskets and two peppermint sticks.  Random, I know.  Trevor had to work Saturday afternoon, so I hung out with the kids in the backyard.  I did some work with one arm, and the kids played in the sprinkler.  As usual, they were nude in the backyard.  My kids just really like to be nekkid.

This morning, Sunday morning, we did a family run to the grocery.  We had to bribe the kids to be good because they didn't want to go.  However, Trevor had to take me since I couldn't push the cart or I'm not allowed to drive yet, and I didn't trust Trevor to go alone.  The grocery bags would have been filled with spicy mustard, hot peppers, walnuts, and Doritos.  Both kids pushed their own little carts.  It was adorable but painful, especially when Dallas slammed into the back of my ankle with his cart.  Watch it, kid.

 Trevor and I decided to punish ourselves further by taking the kids to the movies this afternoon.  The theater experience started out badly.  I mean, we hadn't even left home yet.  Really?  Dallas decided to take a nap today, and I knew that waking him up was going to be an arduous task for everyone involved.  The minute I kissed him awake, he was mad.  Angry.  Honked off.  He said he wasn't going to go downstairs with me, eat a snack, or go to the movies.  Sigh.  We all tried to talk to Dallas about his decision, even Lottie, but every one of us was met with resistance and screaming.  I didn't particularly care about the movie, but I knew Dal would hear Lottie and Trevor leave and then lose his mind about not being able to go.  Bingo, mama.  The front door shut, Dallas came downstairs and wailed, "I want to go to the movies!"  Luckily, there was a lot of traffic and T hadn't made it out of the driveway.  I ran out the door like a madwoman, waving my sling in the air, and T came back for us.  We saw _Rio_ and the kids were both fantastic.  Dallas pretty much stared at the movie screen while he shoved piece after piece of (brought from home) popcorn into his face, while Lottie sucked down a fruit punch and alternately  laughed and clutched my arm out of fear for the hero bird's fate.  There is something bittersweet about our first movie as a family.  It's exciting to know that this will be a fun activity for us as a family, but it's a little sad to know that the kids are old enough to do this now.  They're not babies anymore, and sometimes, I miss my babies.

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  1. Glad they liked the movie. There is a new Winnie the Pooh movie out in July. Looks like another Wells outing possibility!!!