Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Ms. Minerva, if you please

On Veteran's Day this year, we bit the bullet and got a dog. We knew we wanted to rescue one, and I had been scouring rescue sites for weeks. When I saw that she was born in Kentucky, I knew it was meant to be. Thank you to 2X2 Rescue!! So far, she has been an absolute joy and perfect addiction to our crazy family.  As I have gotten to know her and she has become used to the routine chez Wells, I have noticed how much getting a dog, especially a young one like Minny (Minerva McGonagall Wells) is exactly like having a toddler in the house again.

1. She follows me around all day, every day.
2. If something is going on, she needs to know about it as soon as it's happening.
3. She is picky about her treats.
4. Sometimes her play goes over the top and turns into hysterical jumping and play-biting. When that happens, I know it's just a matter of time before things go completely upside down.
5. I find myself thinking about her bathroom habits WAY too often.
6. She can't be outside alone. The couple of times I have tried to attach her least to a lead on the zip line while I am outside working, she has escaped and run. She thinks it's a hilarious game: I do not. My new nickname for her is "Doug Henning."
7.  She gets a pouty and sad look on her face when we tell her she cannot jump on people or play with Judy or eat off our plates. I just know she is thinking I'm the meanest mom in the world.
8. She cries when Lottie and Dallas go to school because she knows she'll be stuck at home with me, the meanest mom in the world.
9. She puts every bit of snow she can into her mouth, and she loves to roll around in it.
10. If there is a puddle or a pile of leaves on the street, she will jump in it.
11. On occasion, she will bark for seemingly no reason. I have no clue what she wants at those times, and I wonder if she just wants to hear her own voice from time to time.
12. When there is a crowd at the house, she can't sit down and relax because she HAS to make the rounds every five minutes to make sure no one has forgotten her existence.
13. She hits her head at least twice a day and just keeps playing.
14. Every person or animal she meets is destined to be her new best friend.
15. Kisses are her favorite thing to give.
16. Sometimes she runs so fast that she slides on the hardwood floors.
17. When things get too quiet, I grow suspicious.  Usually that means Minny is chewing something she shouldn't, or she has somehow gotten out of the house.
18. She can go from zero to one hundred in four seconds flat.

Happy first birthday today to our sweet, nutty, loving dog.  We all love you so much.  Well, except Judy. She will never love you; the best we can hope for is grudging acceptance.

And as Mimi says, someday you'll grow into your nose.  Until then, #embracethesnout.