Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Strange and stranger

We had a nice visit yesterday from Will, one of Trevor's colleagues, and his family, including his one year old son, Mac.  Lottie was desperately sweet to Mac and spent most of the visit hugging and kissing him.  Dallas largely ignored Mac and spent his time running around like a crazy puppy.  At bedtime, Trevor tucked Dallas in and asked if he had fun seeing Mac.  Dallas answered, "Yes, he pretended to be Voldemort."  You know how toddlers are always pretending to be wizard villains...

At some point in the last few days, I walked into the living room and found Lottie with a white sheet draped over her like a cloak.  When I asked what she was playing, she said, "Oh, I'm just pretendin' to be Jesus."  I didn't see any crucifixes, fishes, or loaves, so I just walked away.

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  1. Voldermort vs. Jesus... There's a sweet piece of fan fiction in there somewhere.