Sunday, May 15, 2011

It's fun to stay at the YMCA

Thanks to Trevor's generous gift to our family, we have all been spending some time lately at the local YMCA.  Lottie takes swim lessons.  Trevor and I work out.  Dallas usually sits and eats a granola bar.

Last week, I decided to try the Kids' Corner at the Beaumont Y.  I explained to the kids that they could play with all the toys and other kids while I was exercising in the same building.  Lottie was fine with it; Dallas had some anxiety.  I did my workout, went back to pick up the kids, and was greeted by a smiling Lottie holding a picture she colored for me and a sobbing Dallas.  He kept saying, "Mommy, I didn't know where you was" over and over and over.  He calmed down after some hugs, kisses, and reassurances that I would always come back for him no matter where he was.

Fast forward to three days later: Trevor and I both wanted to work out after Lottie's swim lesson on Saturday morning.  I hesitated to even suggest the Kids' Corner for fear that Dallas would start foaming at the mouth.  Shockingly, Dallas brought it up himself and begged to go to the Kids' Corner so he could play with all the toys.  His only caveat was that Lottie be there with him.  I confidently agreed to that since she seemed to have enjoyed herself the time before.  Wrong, Mommy.  Quite erroneous.  When I brought up the idea to Lottie, she was vehement that she didn't want to go to the Kids' Corner.  No way, no how.  Trevor and I ended up doing an exercise time-share because I didn't want to make Lottie go if she didn't want to.

I went back to the Y this afternoon to exercise, and when Dallas heard where I was going, he immediately started to sob, "I want to go to the Y!  I want to go, too!"  Sigh.  If he continues to beg, this could be good for me this summer when Lottie is at school and Dallas is home with me because of the continued reliance on diapers.  But that's another blog.

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