Saturday, May 7, 2011

The great experiment

While Frankie and Tiffany were here visiting, Lottie and Frankie had two nights of little girl bliss.  That's right: sleep-overs.  Lottie has a trundle bed, and the girls had fun giggling, playing, talking, and sleeping.  Since then, Lottie and Dallas have been begging to do a sleep-over of their own.  Last night, Trevor and I agreed they could give it a try.

It started off well.  We read stories, sang the good night song, and tucked the kids into bed.  Trevor and I left the room, and that's when the hilarity ensued.  We sat on our own bed and watched the action on the video monitor.  First, there was lots of bouncing on both beds.  I think there was some talk of pirates, too.  Then Lottie settled into her bed and invited Dallas to sleep in her bed with her.  That lasted for about eight seconds.  More bouncing on the bed, more laughing, more get the picture.  Finally, Lottie got snuggled into her bed for real, and that's when the trouble began.  Dallas actually took a nap yesterday, so he wasn't tired.  He decided that essentially trashing Lottie's whole playroom while talking to himself - loudly- was exactly what he should be doing while Lottie tried to sleep.  Lottie did everything she could to get him to go to bed: coaxing, threats, more coaxing, more threats.  She generously invited him to sleep in the bed with her; he gave a resounding "NO!" She told him he would have to sleep on the hard, hard floor; he didn't care.  She told him that she was "just exhausted" and she was done hearing his talking.  When I heard her say that, I snorted and said, "Welcome to my world, kid."  In the end, she came in our room and begged me to do something about her loquacious and wide-awake brother.  I decided to put an end to the sleep-over; it lasted 90 minutes.  We'll try again another day...maybe.

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  1. It's so adorable that they wanted to have a sleep over together. I wish I could have spied in on that video feed!