Thursday, August 25, 2011

Things that make you go hmmmmmmm...

Like all kids, my kids tend to say the darndest things.  Too bad Art Linkletter still isn't around...

Dallas: "I can't eat this."
Me: "Why not?"
Dallas: "It's shaped like a circle.  I don't like circles."

Odd considering all he talked about today was circle time at school.  He loves circle time.  I guess he doesn't love edible circles, though.  Duly noted.
Lottie and Trevor had lunch together on Wednesday to celebrate her first day of 4-year-old preschool.  Apparently the TV at the restaurant was tuned into coverage of Hurricane Irene.  Lottie was interested and a little worried about what was happening, so Trevor did his best to explain. He said the storm was far away from us, near the Bahamas, and that was when Lottie interrupted him: "Daddy, is that anywhere near France?"  She knows Indiana, Kentucky, Florida, and France.  That's my girl.

Lottie has always thought of herself as Dallas's second mother.  Quite frankly, she may even consider herself his first mother since, based on Lottie's frequent skeptical looks, I don't seem to know nothin' 'bout raisin' no babies.

Lottie: "Mama, I'm worried about Dallas going to school."
Me: "Oh, why, baby?"
Lottie: "Well, I know they serve cow's milk at lunch at school.  I've had it before.  Do you know that Dallas can't have cow's milk?"
Me:  "Hmmmm, that rings a bell, yes.  No worries, though.  I'll send rice milk in Dally's lunchbox like I did last year."
Lottie: "Mama, THE SCHOOL GIVES EVERY KID COW'S MILK.  I KNOW THIS.  IT HAPPENS.  DALLAS WILL GET HIVED."  (This was said slowly and loudly just to make sure that what she was saying would penetrate my thick skull.
Me: "Babe, I know.  I'll take care of it."
Lottie:  Big sigh.  Exit stage left.

Dallas: "Mommy, when it's Christmastime, Mama, we can drink eggnog and eat cookies.  Mommy!  Eggnog!"
Lottie: "Dallas, it has to be SOY eggnog and soy cookies!"
Dallas: "Okay, Lottie."  Beaming smile.

He's going to be some lucky lady's dutiful beau.  And she's going to be the Boss of the World.


There are certain words that we don't use in our house.  We don't say anyone is an idiot, and we don't call anyone stupid.  Well, not all of us.  Dallas is fascinated with the "bad" words and will do anything he can to get around the no-use rule.  He has come up with quite a few ways to almost say what he wants to say without exactly saying it.  His favorite ways to defy are by saying "stewie" or "stew" instead of "stupid."  And then he even has the stones to say, "I didn't say 'stupid', Mommy.  I said 'stew' like a witch's stew."  Ay yi yi.  


  1. I'm still partial to the discussion we had about their dentist when I read that book about proper brushing technique.

    Daddy: Who is your guys' dentist?
    Lottie: Um, Hattie's mom. [N.B. Accurate]
    Dallas: No, it's Dr. Robinette, you idiot.

  2. I am cracking up out loud about Dally's dentist comment. I have no idea how you kept a straight face for that one.

    I love how Lottie takes care of Dallas, making sure he won't "get hived." Also, I think Dallas is going to grow up to be a whip-smart rule breaker. That whole "stewed" thing is genuis!