Saturday, July 2, 2011

Future plans

Lottie has been really adamant lately about making her own decisions.  I guess the decisions I make don't suit her.  What a surprise.  She is always talking about how things will be when she's a grown-up mommy and can do whatever she wants to do.  It's almost impossible for me not to crack up when she says that because she has no idea that mommies rarely get to do whatever we want to do.

My mom and I took Lottie to get her hair cut the other day by Justin at Alure Salon and Day Spa.  I have been going to Justin for almost six years; in fact, he was one of my first real friend in Lexington.  He's brilliant, and if you live in Lexington and need a stylist, you definitely need to see Justin Greer. And if you're looking to get a massage, you definitely need to see Marla.  She is amazing, and I swear I leave that place drooling after a massage with her.  Okay, end of ad.  Lottie has known Justin her whole life, and she really loves him.  A few months ago, after we left the salon, Lottie said she wanted to go to school to learn to do hair and then work with Justin.  Awwww.  She acts completely goofy and crazy around him, and I think that's her way of flirting with him.  I have a lot to teach her about the art of catching a about twenty years or so.  During her appointment on Thursday, she told Justin some of her future plans.  When she is a grown-up, she is going to make her very own decisions and live in her very own door to Trevor and me.  Justin asked if he could live with her, and this is where the bargaining began.  Lottie agreed that Justin could move in as long as he continued to work, cleaned the house, and cooked all the meals.   That will be quite a job for him considering Lottie says the house will have six hundred rooms.  I suppose they'll always be prepared for guests, though.  Lottie's job will be to take care of the babies, dogs, and cats.  Plus, I'm pretty sure she'll be in charge of bossing everyone around.  Surprisingly, Justin agreed with this arrangement with one minor change: Lottie would have to be in charge of taking out the garbage.  After a minute of thought, Lottie said she could handle that, and they shook on the deal.  Justin's cooking job should be easy, though, as Lottie wants cookies and milk for every meal.

Lottie has a lot of opinions on what kind of mother she will be.  According to her plans, she'll be pretty lax in the discipline department.  Her children can eat cake for breakfast every morning, they don't have to clean their rooms, they can scream in the house and make a lot of noise, and they don't have to bathe if they're too tired.  Hmmmm.  I'm not certain I want to live next door to her and her posse if kids are going to be grimy and swinging from the rooftop.  As a grandma, I think I would have to step in.  Maybe Trevor and I will have to travel a lot.  The funny thing is that I know deep down that Lottie will be a wonderful mother someday if she chooses to be one.  She's very kind, sweet, and empathetic most of the time.  She's also a stickler for rules, and when she makes a rule, she expects it to be followed.  Woe be to the children who don't listen to her someday.  And when they don't, I'll listen to her complain about it on the phone while Trevor and I are sitting on the beach in Hawaii, and I'll try not to remind her that goes around comes around.  Not too terribly often, that is.


  1. That Lottie is one smart girl (which she must get from her mama)! Find a man who cooks, cleans, and brings home a paycheck (and can do hair at a moment's notice) sounds like a good plan, as does having cake for breakfast. It's fun to see what having a little girl entails; thanks for sharing her!

  2. I just loved this reminded me of Quinn when she was a little girl. Quinn told me we were going to buy a big house so I could live in half of it and she could live in the other half of it. This actually sounded pretty good to me (still does)...but unfortunately somewhere in high school she decided we should live not only in different houses but in different cities. I believe it had to be a city that was at least four hours away. I think we're down to two hours now. LOL

  3. I remeber that perception I had as a child that grown ups got to do whatever they pleased whenever they felt like it. I wish I could go back to a time when I had that kind of naive idea to look forward to sometimes.

    Sounds like Lottie knows how to strike a deal! Smart girl, that one.