Friday, April 29, 2011

First post

It's 2011, and I'm just starting a blog.  Lame, perhaps.  I wanted a place to share thoughts, pictures, or random facts.  I imagine that a lot of the blog will consist of me writing about my adorable children and the sweet things they say.  So, if you're not interested in kids...this is not the blog for you.  :)

I watched a bit of The Royal Wedding with Lottie today. Before we started, Lottie asked if there were any dragons involved. Uh huh. She liked seeing Kate's dress, but she was far more interested in watching the first kiss. Yikes! I thought she would be enthralled by the whole shebang, but she said she would rather watch "Jake and the Neverland Pirates" instead.


  1. I thought about watching it with Frankie, too, but then I realized... most weddings are actually pretty boring. And, like, 90 minutes long. I can hardly get Frankie to sit still for a 90 minute-long Disney movie, let alone a royal wedding. I agree with Lottie. It would have been much better if dragons were involved.

  2. Seriously? You didn't tell me about the blog? Seriously?