Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ah, Spring

I spent a beautiful day outside with my family today.  We did some outside spring cleaning, got rid of some old toys, and generally spruced up the play area.  It's only 7:37 PM now, and both kids are zonked.  I love outside play time as it almost always leads to easy, early bedtime.

Dallas fell asleep with Lottie's Crocs on his feet.  On the wrong feet.  And they were wet because he insisted on taking them into the bathtub with him.  Whatever it takes, dude.  Whatever it takes.

It is supposed to rain again tonight.  Shocking!  I just hope it doesn't rain too much in the coming week.  We have a totally sweet new swing set that has been sitting in pieces in our garage for weeks.  The contractor can't come put it up if the ground is too wet or if it's raining.  I NEED this swing set to be functional ASAP.  I'm tired of the kids climbing everything they can and then jumping off.  This usually leads to scraped knees, bruised heads, and hysteria.  Sometimes the hysteria is even theirs.

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  1. Frankie can't wait to get back to your house and play on that sweet playset! I fear she's becomming obsessed with it.