Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Gonna live this year like a BOSS

I hate the news.  The news is depressing.  I understand that horrible and heartbreaking things happen every day all over the world, and I wish they didn't.  I wish everyone could be safe and fed and clothed and housed and loved.  And I know that the media has to report the news, all the news, but I feel like there are so many good things that are missed.

In an effort to find some peace or create some peace in my own world, I'm going to call 2015 the Year of the Boss.  I'm not referring to a work superior, but rather BOSS as in rad, sweet, fantastic, worthy, admirable...you get my drift.  (If you watch New Girl, you know that Schmidt orders sushi like a boss.) Every day, I'm going to find something boss.   It may be something in my own life or just something good I read about or observed in the world at large.  I know that some days it will be ridiculously easy to find lots of boss things, but some days will be a challenge.  Luckily, I'm pretty awesome and ready to show the bad stuff who's boss.  (See what I did there?  Clever!  Right?  Right!)

Bad things happen in life, but that doesn't mean that good things don't happen, too.  Beautiful things can rise from the ashes of despair if we're ready to accept them.

Join me in finding your something boss every day this year!

Here's what I have so far:

January 1
I enjoyed a traditional southern New Year's lunch with my family.  T cooked everything, and it was delicious!  We also had our traditional New Year's book exchange, and I'm looking forward to reading my new book.

January 2
A very sweet and dear friend took the kids out for an adventure.  They saw a movie, went to Zao Island, then back to my friend's house to play.  My awesome dad had taken T to chemo, so I had the entire house to myself.   I honestly missed everyone, but it was nice to get some time to myself, too.  Grateful doesn't even begin to describe it.

January 3
We spent time with more friends at a birthday party at Bellaboo's.  The kids had a ball and played hard.  It's fantastic to have a play place where the kids can run free and have a good time without having to be watched every second.  Score!

January 4
It FINALLY snowed.  That in and of itself would be enough for me.  The sound of the neighborhood kids all playing outside bundled up in their snowsuits was music to my ears.

January 5
Check out this beautiful story about a young woman in England who found a way to repay some kindness shown to her.

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