Sunday, May 20, 2012

Nap, anyone?

Not in our house, no.

We haven't had regular nap time in a long time chez Wells.  Dallas quit napping when he was two years old.  You parents will understand how heartbreaking that is.  He probably still needs a nap from time to time, but no way will the kid ever succumb to sleep in the middle of the day.  The bonus is that he goes to bed by 7:30 PM, so I get some time to myself in the evening.

Lottie, of course, hasn't napped in ages, either.  She currently has a cold along with terrible seasonal allergies, so she's a real peach to be around.  Combine the runny nose and itchy eyes with Daddy being busy all week at work in trial preparation, the last week of school looming, return from Walt Disney World let-down, and The Move coming up quickly, and you have one testy gal.  Yesterday morning, she got up waaaaay too early for her own good, and mine, and spent the rest of the early hours of the day whining, pouting, and being generally disagreeable.  Knowing that she had a birthday party to attend today, I reminded her that I wouldn't take her to Chuck E. Cheese unless her attitude improved.  I might as well have poked a sleeping bear with a stick.  After my little talk with her, she looked at me with her ice-blue big eyes and said, "Mommy, you're a good mom, but you're not the best."  Then she turned on one heel and flounced away.  My answer was to tell her I was trying, but quite frankly, my first reaction was to tell her that she wasn't exactly the best kid, either.  You'll be happy to know I bit my tongue.

Sometimes even the mighty can't resist a little nap.

I don't need no stinkin' nap!

After lunch, which she refused to eat, I laid down the law: we were all going to have a mandatory rest period.  I had to take Dallas to a birthday party yesterday afternoon from 4-6 PM, and I wanted him to rest as well.  Their choice was to either snuggle in our bed with me or stay in their own rooms.  Dallas chose to "rest" in his own room, and Lottie picked the big bed with me.  After about thirty minutes of squirming, talking, insisting she wasn't tired, and getting all up in my grill, Lottie finally fell asleep.  Houston, we have napping!  I dozed a little bit, but my main goal was to get Lottie's mood improved.  Dallas played happily alone in his room and eventually joined us for some hugs.

After the successful rest, I decided that I may not be the best mom, but by getting Lottie to take a nap, I may be the smartest.  :)

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