Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Unconventional thanks

I may be a housewife and stay at home mom, but that's where my conventional life stops.  I have never been a cookie cutter gal, and I hope I never am.  I change hair colors every month, I don't talk baby-talk to my kids, and if I could only pick one genre of book to read the rest of my life, it would be true crime.  Yeah, it's a little weird.

So you'll understand why my thankful post isn't going to be about the normal stuff.  Of course I'm thankful for my family, my friends, my home, my health, and all of the amazing intangibles in my life.  But I'm also selfishly thankful for lots of things that make my life easier or more fun.  Or maybe I'm just not in a shlocky frame of mind tonight; I don't know.

So here is my list of top five things for which I am thankful this holiday season.

1.  The Otterbox
I am really hard on electronics.  Actually, that's an understatement.  I lose them; I break them; I mangle them; I render them completely useless.  I'm on my third iPhone: I swear I don't know what happened to the first two.  When Trevor brought home the third phone for me, he also brought home an Otterbox case and suggested demanded that I use it.  It's big, bulky, black, and ugly, but it does the job.  So far, nothing has happened to my phone, and I guarantee the Otterbox is to thank.  I do have the pink version on my Amazon wish list, though, just in case anyone wondered.

2.  Earth Balance
I have become a master at substituting dairy- and egg-free ingredients in my cooking and baking.  For a while, butter was an issue, though.  I found a fantastic vegan margarine that comes in sticks as well as in spreadable form.  It's a totally random thing to be thankful for but now I can cook and bake without having to freak out too much.  And it's really delicious.  I made chocolate chip cookies for Dallas's class a few weeks ago, and no one could tell the difference.  Even the teachers asked me for the recipe after they tasted the cookies.  So, rock on, Earth Balance!  Thanks for making my life easier.  

3.  The Ford Flex
So this one is completely vain: I recognize that.  But for quite a while, I was a mini-van mama.  No big deal as a car is pretty much just transportation, but sometimes driving the brown Quest was a little demoralizing.  I lucked into a maroon Ford Flex, and I love it.  It's hip, it's roomy, it's fun, and it's not a mini-van.  (What?) I don't have the automatic sliding doors anymore, but I do have Sirius Satellite Radio.  Trust me, the trade was worth it.

4.  The Kindle
I never, ever, EVER thought I would be such a huge Kindle fan.  Trevor has had his for quite a while, and he loves it.  I'm pretty old-school, and I love the feel and smell of books.  However, for my birthday a few weeks ago, Trevor got me a Kindle, and now I'm a new woman.  I mean, I'm never giving up paper books, but the Kindle is pretty darn awesome.  I can get books anytime I want, which is fiscally dangerous but totally cool.  I can even check out ebooks from the library.  The selection isn't the best, but it's free and easy.  Plus, there are some awesome games on the Kindle.  I'm completely obsessed with Grid Detective; if you have a Kindle, check it out.  I would be happy to get Kindle gift cards for every occasion for the rest of my life.  And a new Otterbox.  Pink.

5.  DVR versus Magic Shell
This is a hard call for me.  On one hand, the DVR is incredible.  I can record shows at 3:00 AM and watch them whenever I want.  I can record a series by touching a few buttons.  Sometimes it's hard to keep up with all the Real Housewives franchises on Bravo, but I can record all of them without even thinking.  (And watch them without thinking, too.  Zing!)   I can pause recorded shows or even live TV when Dallas comes out of his room at bedtime for the seventeenth time at night or if I need to get a drink.  Brilliant, no?  On the other hand, there's Magic Shell.  You pour it over ice cream and it becomes a hard shell of tasty goodness.  Can there really be anything better?  Maybe watching The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and pausing it to dish up some Magic Shell?  Winner, winner.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.  :)

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